Our breakfasts: gourmet, fresh, & tasty!

Blackberry crepes with wild berry drizzle

We can’t think of anything we like much more than food. It inspires us from start to finish. We want our guests to experience the taste of our passion through real food.

We believe that food should taste great. We believe it should nourish our bodies. We also believe it should nourish our souls. We believe in whole, simple, food. The menu that we have created for our guests embodies our philosophy. In our breakfasts we use high quality ingredients that produce high quality dishes. We strive to use whole grains, whole local dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, and organics wherever and whenever we can. Our hope is that you will not only love the food you eat here, but feel good about eating what we serve.

We try to incorporate produce that is abundant during each season of the year and we typically make heartier fare in the fall and winter and lighter fare in the spring and summer. We’ve chosen a seven day rotational menu, meaning that if you stay here for eight days, you might experience the same dish twice (most people are okay with that!). It helps discourage waste, keeps costs lower, and uses less fuel (fewer trips to the grocery store).

Eggs benedict hashbrown cups

A typical gourmet breakfast here at the Oval Door includes:

Fresh, strong, organic coffee from Playhouse coffee – one of our local area micro-roasters
A selection of Stash brand teas, hot chocolate and spiced cider
Fresh fruit or a baked fruit dish
A baked item of the day (quick breads, scones, biscuits, muffins, etc..)
A choice of three entrees: sweet, savory or continental.

A selection of juices.

We happily accommodate dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, diabetic, dairy free, and low carb. Just let us know when you are making your reservation!