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Nate & Brian, Your Hosts

Owning and operating a Bed and Breakfast had been a long-time dream for us. We envisioned creating a welcoming space, with special attention to food, beverage and comfort, which would allow guests to feel they were at a good friend’s home rather than at an impersonal hotel.

After years of dreaming, we decided that there was no time like the present. With that in mind, we quit our day-jobs in higher education in fall 2014. Without a specific plan, we rented out our home and embarked on an almost two-year journey to find a B&B that would be just right for us. Most of this time was spent along the Western Coast of Mexico where we imagined combining our love of Latin culture and a favorite vacation destination. After realizing that getting through tropical summers would be much more difficult than we thought, we turned our sights back to the USA and honed in on the Pacific Northwest where we had long lived.

Eventually, after months of searching online, we discovered The Oval Door. It almost seemed too good to be true. After visiting in person, we knew instantly that the B&B, and the town of Eugene, was perfect for us. In May 2016, we took over as official owners and innkeepers.

Providing you with an ultra-comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable stay is our main priority. We are always happy to provide you with local area recommendations for food, drink, entertainment and more. Should you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. You will often find Brian in the kitchen, working on recipes for breakfast; Nate is often cleaning and making sure the B&B is stocked with homemade cookies and other essentials.

We are so happy and thrilled that you’re considering us as your place to stay in Eugene! This is truly a dream come true for us. We look forward to providing you with a dreamy experience.

Olive, Supervisor

At 6 lbs., Olive – a Yorkshire terrier mutt – is our boss and lets us live here. She’s hypoallergenic and never enters guest rooms. She typically stays in our private quarters; if requested, she’s often happy to make special appearances for guests who may be missing their own pets.

The Bed & Breakfast

Built in 1990, the home was created with the intention of being a B&B. We are the fourth set of owners with the longest owners running The Oval Door for 18 years before us. Originally built with four guest rooms, the B&B now boasts six guest rooms total – each with its own en-suite bathroom. We look forward to putting our own unique touches on the property, focusing on how we can make your stay even more relaxing and fun!

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